Elderly Man Sits Down At Goodwill Piano, Leaves Shoppers In Tears With His Impromptu Performance

Published December 18, 2017 708,252 Plays

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleIt's the season of giving and at Goodwill giving never goes out of style. A generous donor gave a piano at the Norwalk Store and one talented gentleman gave everyone present that day the gift of a song.

Most of us know someone who isn’t what they seem. If someone who went shopping at the Goodwill store in Norwalk, Ohio didn’t know a person like that, they can now boast with the great honor to meet one such man. A middle-aged man in a plain sweatshirt sat down at a donated piano and instead of just jamming his hands down on the keys, he did something that left his fellow shoppers in shock!

As soon as he sat down at the piano, he stretched out his fingers and began to play a beautiful melody. His impromptu performance surprised everyone, including the staff members. One the employees ran to get their camera phone and started recording the wonderful performance, a video they later shared with the Love What Matters Facebook page, saying:

"This gifted gentleman just walked into my store and moved me to tears! Listen for yourself. Only at Norwalk Goodwill, in Norwalk, Ohio."

Everyone inside the Goodwill sat in awe as the man's fingers danced across the keys and his head swayed with the melody. It made it clear to everyone watching that music moved this gentle soul and this was something he loved to do – no matter who was watching.

Hopefully, the man continues to pop up in places around Ohio to share his unbelievable talent! Please give this a view and a share. Thanks!

Credit: Goodwillsandusky


  • MooseMax, 2 years ago

    people like this are good to have around

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  • Horsepower, 2 years ago

    And it's an appropriate song choice to. For those that saw the movie The Sting with Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason you might recognize the theme song "the Entertainer"

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    • zkam, 2 years ago

      Sorry, it's a similarly styled piece, but that's not "The Entertainer". It's "Alley Cat".

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  • MyaFaire, 2 years ago

    He PUNISHED that piano. Proof that there's good stuff at Goodwill.

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  • Natasha98, 2 years ago

    This is awesome... Get it brother 😍😍😍

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  • FelineHappy, 37 weeks ago

    This made my day! I could listen to him play all day. Excellence!!

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