Adorable Kitten Struggles To Stay Awake

StoryfulPublished: December 18, 2017891 views
Published: December 18, 2017

Seize the day might be a good quote to live by, but let’s face it - sleep is life! Boring time passes quicker, but the ultimate sweetness comes from the feeling of floating through clouds, especially if you are wrapped in a soft blanket, while resting your head on a big fluffy pillow…

You know that moment when you're so tired so can sleep wherever you are? Little kids can fall asleep wherever they may fall and little kittens seem to be no different! One tiny gray toyger feels the sweet slumber weighing heavy on his eyelids, but he still tries to fight the snooze.

You snooze, you lose! The adorable kitty knows this all too well, so he tries with all his tiny might to keep his eyes peeled open, but fatigue is stronger and, slowly but surely, he gives in. Tiny lids close slowly as he sways downward, until he catches himself missing out on the fun that is happening around him and jolts himself right back up.

Just as it seems that the kitty will finally lay down, someone calls him on the phone and it takes away his sleep. Now who might that be?

No matter how big or small, watching our pets falling asleep while standing up is the cutest thing ever. Knowing that they do so because they trust us deeply and feel comfortable in our presence gives the heart that extra jolt, a gentle prick that makes us wanna squeeze them in their sleep and love them even more!

Credit: Nafin Elias via Storyful

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