Mesmerizing Footage Captures Avalanche Thundering Downhill

Caters_NewsPublished: December 18, 2017830 views
Published: December 18, 2017

An incredible footage has emerged showcasing the amazing force of nature when a massive avalanche thundered downhill in front of stunned hikers. Footage shows clouds of snow billowing out as the avalanche carves its way down Diamer Valley in Pakistan.

This incredible footage was caught on camera by Shoukat Khan, 28, who was trekking with his friends when he spotted the mind-blowing phenomenon. As these friends were trekking on the Karakoram ranges in Gilgit Baltistan they witnessed a huge Avalanche coming down from the mountain.

Luckily, they were on the other side of the mountain on a Glacier. At that moment, one of the friends started to panic and feared the avalanche could actually hit them and tried to walk away, but the group reassured him that they were safe as the avalanche was far away.
The avalanche stopped before it reached to them and Shoukat says it was the best feeling in his life. Fortunately nobody got hurt and they all have an amazing story to share. Witnessing the amazing force of nature is indeed a very exciting experience, explains Shoukat in marvel.

Propelled by gravity, snow slides have the power to rip through forests leaving distinctive cuts often mistaken for ski runs. Like the snow crystals that give them birth, slidepaths mark the landscape with an endless variety of shapes and sizes. Some paths thunder with snow many times a winter, others may lurk quietly for centuries.When snow and slope combine with a hidden weakness beneath the surface, you have set the stage for an avalanche waiting to be triggered.

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