Little Dachshund Pooch Propels Paws In Water Learning How To Swim

Storyful Published December 15, 2017 125 Plays

Rumble Caring owner Randi and her boyfriend knew that it would be helpful if her little Dachshund puppy learnt how to swim before it began exploring the great outdoors. They decided to help little Ajax by teaching him how to tread water in the bath. They filled the tub, held their pooch just over the water and before they knew it, he was paddling instinctively! Adorable!

Footage shows Ajax’s tiny paws propelling in the water, his engine is running and wheels are turning. Watching them paws working makes this tiny pooch look like he is walking on water.

Dachshunds are small dogs with a lot of independent spirit. If you're training your wiener dog to walk on the leash, you may experience a war of wills between you and your hound. Making the leash seem like a treat to your dog is key to shaping his behavior.

Dachshund owners at some point will want to give their Dachshund a bath however, Dachshunds are often scared of running or deep water so if you are bathing them in the bath don’t fill it up and expect them to enjoy a swim. Also, try to avoid suddenly turning the shower on full blast, unless of course you have the best shower head and it sprinkles down like light rain on the furry one!

You might also consider playing with your Dachshund in an empty bath first, it definitely works for some Dachshunds that are very scared of the bath, or using small treats at the beginning and end of their bath time.

Credit: Randi Hogsden via Storyful