Tourist Freaks Out When Glass Walkway Cracks Under His Weight

NewsflarePublished: December 15, 2017Updated: December 18, 201714,962 views
Published: December 15, 2017Updated: December 18, 2017

When it comes to pranks, this one has to be the most terrible one of them all! An amusing video came from China of a tourist terrified by a glass walkway suspended above a cliff that creates the illusion of cracking as soon as you set foot on the glass.

The footage, filmed in Handan City in northern China's Hebei Province on December 8, shows a man walking along the six-foot-wide and 3871-foot-high bridge as its glass bottom deliberately fragments. The guy is scared to slip down and then climbs to hang onto the side rails with his legs lifting up immediately. According to local news, the authorities deliberately ordered the splintered glass effect on the walkway, thought to be a gimmick to attract tourists.

One of the world’s most (in)famous Chinese walkways in China went viral for all the wrong reasons, when a tour guide was reduced to tears and forced to crawl across the class. Why, you ask? Because someone decided it was a good idea to add illusions of the 3,871-feet-above-sea-level glass path cracking beneath your very feet! And it is a looong way down!

The glass walkway around the eastern face of the Taihang Mountain in Hebei, China is making its rounds on social media, not because of the gorgeous scenery that it provides a view of, but because it will probably give you a heart attack when you walk over it.

After several incidents happening with people unaware of this illusion, the The East Taihang district administration sent out an official public apology, to explain that the splintering glass was merely an "effect" they worked into a portion of its bridge. The walkway designers had placed shattered glass fragments in one of the layers, stretching across several panels at the end of the bridge. When you walk over those panels, the glass appears to shatter under your feet, and you can even hear the sound of glass breaking as you walk.

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