Check Out What Is Dwayne Johnson Most Grateful For

USATODAY_HumankindPublished: December 14, 2017Updated: December 16, 201743 views
Published: December 14, 2017Updated: December 16, 2017

With his surprise baby news just announced on Monday, "Humankind" asked Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to write down what he is most thankful for this holiday season. His answer surprised everybody out there, and probably everyone in his family.

"I’ve been asked to write down who am I most grateful to this holiday season and my answer is Elvis Presley. Yes, we do need an explanation the Elvis, because right now everyone in my family goes, ‘awww, not me?’".

You all are curious why this was The Rock’s answer… Well, his family is a big musical family that loves music. But, that’s not the only reason. Dwayne loves Elvis because he sings his favorite Christmas song "Why can’t every day be like Christmas?". That’s the song he sang to all of his daughters when they were little babies and they all fell asleep listening to the beautiful melody. That’s nothing strange because whenever we see Dwayne Johnson with a guitar or microphone in his hands, we know something magical is about to happen. During the "Moana" movie premiere, he sang a song from the movie alongside the musical genius himself Lin-Manuel Miranda.

As his little babies listen to "I hear the bells singing Christmas is near. They ring off to tell the world that this is the season of cheer" they fall asleep and then they poop. How enchanting that moment is, having your kids pooping in your lap!

Well, Dwayne, that’s what you get when you have three little kids. Go grab some diapers and put your hands in the mess!

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