Kayak Fisherman Hitched His Wagon To A Huge Shark

Caters_NewsPublished: December 14, 201729,754 views
Published: December 14, 2017

A footage has emerged of a dramatic “Jaws” moment when New Zealand fisherman hooked a giant 13ft long bronze whaler shark off his sit-on-top kayak at Kawakawa Bay. This 41-year-old fisherman got the fright of his life after this bronze whaler shark towed his kayak for 500 meters.

This fisherman was in shock when he realized that the gigantic mammal was hooked on his sit-on-top kayak and dragged it along for 500 metres in a 15-minute show. James Brown was fishing from his small vessel in Kawakawa Bay, Auckland when he accidentally hitched his wagon to a bronze whaler shark. The incredible footage was filmed on James’s head-mounted GoPro camera.

It was early in the morning, a nice warm day, when James took the 4.5m kayak fishing out in a depth of about four-metres, where he enjoyed the tranquillity of the waters.

Usually, James is fishing small, 7kg braid on a light rod. He was surprised when, the what he believed was a small rod, started to drag down to the water. James hoped it was a "solid kingfish", but this one was a lot bigger and when it realised it was towing a passenger, it wasn't happy at being caught.

Footage from James' camera shows his journey, as the giant creature hauls him at top speed. It was a bronze whaler shark, a fast-swimming predator. This one was nearly as big as James' kayak.

"When I started winding it up, it suddenly gained a hundred kilos, and it just gained weight really, really quickly, until the rod was bent right over and started towing me around the sea!", tells the fisherman!

"It dragged me around for about half a kilometre, before I think it realised it was attached to a fisherman and it started leaping out of the water", says the brave man!

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