Undercover Agent Draws Pistol During Arrest of Protesters Near Ramallah

StoryfulNewsPublished: December 13, 2017Updated: December 15, 2017
Published: December 13, 2017Updated: December 15, 2017

An undercover Israeli agent tackled a masked protester near Ramallah, punched him multiple times, drew a gun, and took him into custody on December 13. In this footage, a masked protester can be seen standing at the side of the road, holding what looks like a slingshot. A masked Israeli agent in plain clothes tackles him from behind, punching him multiple times. The man on the ground does not fight, instead holding up two fingers in a peace sign to a group of nearby journalists. The Israeli agent’s scarf falls off his face, and he pauses to try to rewrap it. He draws a handgun and points it at the group of reporters. He pulls the protester off the ground, and at least two other people can be seen being arrested by plain clothes agents holding guns along with uniformed Israeli soldiers. Clashes between protesters and Israeli soldiers at the northern entrance to Ramallah and Beira have occurred since US President Trump on December 7 recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Credit: Facebook/Shady Hatem Mteraah via Storyful

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