Sweet Pup Experiences Snow For The First Time

Storyful Published December 13, 2017 526 Plays

Rumble Winter is arguably the most wonderful time of the year, when pristine snow falls down and covers everything on the ground. If someone ever tells you they hate snow, don’t hang out with them anymore. How can someone not love snow? When the white stuff covers the ground, everything is so quiet and looks so clean. It lets us feel like we live somewhere else, even if it is for a short period of time.

Just like you can trust a dog that doesn’t like a person, you can surely trust them when you see them having incredible fun in the snow. It is good! One pooch got to experience snow fall for the first time and his reaction tell it all. It is heaven on earth and we don’t want it to stop!

Julius the German Shepherd was experiencing the snow with his owner Linda in Helsinki, Finland. While in their backyard Linda filmed Julius looking super cute and sitting obediently in the snow.

Thank goodness for slow motion, because we never could have caught the look of serenity on Julius’s face as the delicate snowflakes fall over him. With his dark, charcoal colored fur, he looks so warm and fuzzy, while the rest of the world goes cold and silent. Just like in a winter fairy tale, where Julius is our hero, here to save Christmas!

Do you remember the first you saw snow fall?

Credit: withlovejulius via Storyful