This Man Gives Stylish Haircuts To Two Women With Nothing But An Axe

Caters_NewsPublished: December 13, 2017
Published: December 13, 2017

Some of us decide that once monthly is the right amount of time when it comes to grooming our self. Some of us like that musky look and let their hair grow. For men, there is also this tradition called "No shave November" where throughout the whole month men let their beards grow out as much as they do.

For ladies on the other hand, look and styling is very important. They first schedule an appointment with their hair dresser and after get ready psychologically for that day to come so that they are prepared to tell the stylist exactly what they want.

Once they are there, its a whole procedure of of finding the right place to sit, of course "the usual" and discussing their life 360 degrees from the start to the end of their treatment. Somewhere along the lines their hairdresser peruses them into having a manicure which will go great with their new hair. And not far after, a pedicure falls into the discussion. Never the less, something that would cost a men $15 to $30, a women would pay ridiculous prices for almost the same thing. And yes, his is the stereotype.

This extreme barber delivers the ultimate short, back and sides by cutting two model's hair at the same time while using nothing but an axe. Landing the sharp blades perilously close to their scalps, Daniil Istomin makes swift but accurate strokes on the blocks taking chunks of hair with each swipe.

By Siarhei Biazberdy

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