Toddler Hilariously Chants For Dad's Rival Baseball Team

Storyful Published December 13, 2017 483 Plays

Rumble Despite his dad’s preference, this toddler knows which baseball team he wants to support! This is what the wife and mother of the two boys told Storyful about the hilarious video: "My husband is a huge Red Sox fan. I grew up in NYC, and my whole family supports the Yankees. We agreed when we started our family in NYC that they would be Boston fans (sort of a compromise) so my son wears a Boston Red Sox hat all the time. One day in the elevator my husband and I heard my 1.8-year-old son singing something under his breath. We finally realized he was saying “Lets Go Yankees.” (It) turned out the doorman in our building had been teaching him to say that as a prank because he always wears his Red Sox hat! My husband quickly tried to rectify the problem as you see in the video, but now my whole family is in on it and determined to make him a Yankees fan!" Credit: Bsnyc1407 via Storyful