Girl Hides Face In Medicine Cabinet After Using Her Mother’s Makeup

NewsflarePublished: December 13, 2017326 views
Published: December 13, 2017

An adorable footage has emerged of a young girl hiding her face in the bathroom medicine cabinet after using her mother's makeup and being busted by her father.

Footage, shot on December 12 in Utah, shows Aspen hiding from her dad in the bathroom after painting her eyebrows using her mother’s makeup without consent. It is adorable how this sweet, little girl named Aspen tries to hide her face after getting a touch of mom’s makeup bag full of delightful goodies, realizing she has been caught red handed.

When her father asks little Aspen why the bathroom door was locked and why Aspen is holding her mother’s makeup bag the girl doesn’t even have to utter a word, she only needs to show him. Moments later, she takes her head from the dark medicine cabinet and looks into the camera with her witty smile and customized eyebrows. Father starts to laugh and cannot recognize his little girl. Hilarious!

It is funny how Aspen was embarrassed and didn’t want her dad to find out because she was scared to get reprimand for her shameful deed. After giving herself a mini makeover with her mother's makeup the little girl decided to show her transformation on the camera.

Girls just want to have fun, they say, girls are obsessed with makeup, they say. Aspen decided she wanted to get all dolled up so she grabbed her mother's makeup bag, locked herself in the bathroom and gave herself a mini makeover. Adorable Aspen is seen standing on the bathroom sink with her face buried in the medicine cabinet. After her father questions her on why the door was locked, Aspen turns toward the camera revealing red lips, blush-covered cheeks and brows filled in to perfection. Aspen looks her father up and down and then goes back to hiding her face in the medicine cabinet.

Maybe she is hiding because she's nervous about her father's reaction or if she's too shy to show off her makeup skills which could easily rival a few beauty trend. Her supportive father found humor in the situation and laughed at the talented youngster.

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