Frozen Lake Mimics The Sound Of Lasers Used In ‘Star Wars’ Space Battles

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Published: December 13, 2017

Amazingly, this winter brings the latest installment of the Star Wars franchise, featuring those familiar sound of space guns. Why does this frozen lake sound like a “Star Wars” space battle? Watch and be amazed by the divine instruments of nature.

It was Cory Williams who discovered this natural phenomenon back in 2014, when he moved from California to Alaska. He was out trying to skip rocks across the icy surface of Edmonds Lake when he discovered this amazing phenomenon.

This year, Williams returned to Edmonds Lake and made another discovery. The lake was singing in the spirit of space laser battles. Amazing! Footage reveals the origin of that iconic sci-fi sound effect and explains why it can be heard every year in the frigid wilds.

There is nothing visual, but the mesmerizing sounds of bursting bubbles of boiling water remind of the pew-pews of blasters in a Star Wars battle. Incredible!

These noises are produced by the ice as the frozen lake is shifting when the temperature changes. The phenomenon has been noted and recorded in many places and is particularly audible if there is no snow fall on the lake's surface to absorb the sounds as they travel.

The high frequencies of the popping and cracking noises are transmitted faster by the ice than the deeper frequencies, which reach the listener with a time lag as glissandi sinking to almost bottomless depths. Ice can make deeper noises too, like the sounds of giant icebergs grinding against each other recorded by scientists in Antarctica. These noises are could make a great soundtrack to suffer through the heat of summer's end. What a great idea!

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