Kika Makes A Body Painting Illusion Of Emily From The Corpse Bride

Published December 12, 2017 939 Plays

Rumble Not every one of us is endowed with artistic skills of the true masters, some of us have to be content with managing to draw stick people, and barely recognizable for that matter. Unlike the lot, the makeup artist Mirjana Milosevic can be seriously proud of her talent for painting, and not ordinary painting: she transforms the appearance of people, and more often of her own, by applying colors directly on human skin. Body painting is the thing for Mirjana Milosevic, or better know as Kika. Kika talent is quite impressive! She is able to pull off some incredible body art illusion that leaves you scratching your head. She must have a lot of fun showing people her passion, she puts smiles on peoples faces every day!

In this video, she is transforming herself into the beloved character Emily, from the stop-motion British cartoon “The Corpse Bride”. At first, it is hard to tell what she is going to be doing. She mesmerizes us, we can't take our eyes off the screen! As she continues to outline and color in her body, we start to guess what the result of the painting will look like. There is a huge twist at the end of the video. Once she puts the black paint on her face to shorten the jaw, and on the neck, shoulders and torso to slim-down her figure to the model of a skeleton. What an amazing surprise! She definitely pulled this off perfectly!

Body painting is a form art ever growing in popularity in the past decade. However, unlike tattoo and other forms of body art, body painting is as the term says literally painting on the skin with temporary colors. The actual process of painting can take from a few minutes to a few hours, and the paint can last on the skin several hours to (if henna pigments are used) two or more weeks. Many artists and do body painting professionally for TV commercials, and especially in the film industry.

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