Cool Poodle Enjoys Basket Bike Riding

USATODAY_Animalkind Published December 12, 2017 806 Plays

Rumble This adorable poodle loves going on bicycle adventures with its owner, making cycling-with-dogs to look so much fun! With moving bicycle parts and the unpredictability of dogs, holding a leash or cycling with a dog tied to the bike can be a catastrophe waiting to happen. One sudden jolt for a squirrel, and you’re toppling over! However, not this well-trained dog who loves bike rides!

This pooch called Joo enjoys taking long bike rides with its owner, sitting relaxes in the front basket and enjoying the fresh air. With its special goggles on to keep the wind out of its eyes, this fluffy poodle is all geared up and ready to hit the open road with his owner, enjoying the ride in the front basket. When you are too cool for a walk on a leash, you ride in the basket of your owner’s bike, wearing aviator goggles!

Watch how calm Joo is while taking a ride in the front basket, wearing them shades and enjoying the cool breeze. This pooch is cooler than you and gives the true definition of “being too cool for school”.

There’s something about dressed dogs that never gets old. Dogs in hats, dogs in glasses, dogs in sweaters. It just doesn’t get any better. We’re suckers for dogs, and suckers for guys in a good pair of thick-rimmed frames!

This poodle knows that the only thing cuter than four paws is four eyes. Just cause Joo doesn’t have opposable thumbs doesn’t mean the latest trends are lost on him. This pup took the recent sportswear trend to heart and manages to pull one adorable look. Just cause Joo is covered in fur doesn’t mean he doesn’t need an extra layer of warmth in the colder months. Watch him flaunt his sportswear and have fun on the bicycle!