Panda Loves Rolling Around In The Snow Like A Little Kid

USATODAY_AnimalkindPublished: December 12, 2017104 views
Published: December 12, 2017

Not everyone thinks of “winter wonderland” when the thought of snow pops in their heads. While others seize the snow-covered day, soaking in the cleanliness and silence of the world, others think of it as a nuisance and wish that it melts away faster!

Those people may not like the cold weather that’s sweeping the east coast right now, but one giant panda at the National ZOO in Washington DC is thrilled! Over the weekend, Mei Xiang was seen rolling around and somersaulting in the snow at the National ZOO. Her adorable acrobatics were caught on video and posted online, where it has since been liked and shared thousands of times.

The ZOO says giant pandas are used to the cold weather and are more active in the wintertime. Another video was posted Sunday showing red panda Asa and giant panda Bei Bei playing around in the snow.

National ZOO tweeted the clip of the panda’s snowy antics, saying “More Pandas in the snow! Keepers caught this view of red panda Asa climbing in the [snow] this morning. (Yup, that’s [panda] #BeiBei in the neighboring yard.) #PandaStory”

The ZOO released a statement over the weekend saying they are working to ensure all animals and visitors are healthy and comfortable as temperatures drop. “Most of the animals at the Zoo are selected for their ability to thrive in Washington, D.C.’s year-round climate,” the statement reads.

After watching this clip, you just have to ask yourselves “how can someone not love snow?”

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