Dash-cam captures cars driving wrong way down dual carriageway in snow

NewsflarePublished: December 12, 2017
Published: December 12, 2017

This is the moment that motorists drive down the WRONG way on a busy dual carriageway near the English town of Hitchin during yesterday's freezing weather conditions.

Dash-cam footage captured on December 10 shows one motorist in a Range Rover swerving as a car drives down the wrong way on the dual carriageway.

Motorist Andy Maslen was travelling westbound on the A505 between Hitchin and Luton, on his way to pick up his daughter from Luton Airport, who car had got stuck in the snow, when his dash-cam caught two cars driving in the wrong direction on the eastbound carriageway.

In the video, Maslen is talking to his daughter on the phone hands-free when he suddenly sees one of the cars. "There's a bloke going down the wrong way on the 505! What the f***!"

According to Maslen, the cars had gone through a gap in the central reservation to drive eastbound in the wrong direction in order to avoid the slow traffic.

Maslen's dash-cam video shows cars travelling on his side of the dual carriage at around 2mph.

Writes Maslen: "I was traveling to Luton airport to collect my daughter Sophie who car was stranded in the easyJet staff car park. Cars were having trouble getting up a hill as it had not been gritted. Two drivers decided to drive in the wrong direction to beat the queues. , you can see a Range Rover had to move out the way. Thoughtless driving caused others to have to take avoiding action!"


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