Compilation Of Moments Taking An Unexpected Turn

Storyful Published December 8, 2017 1,548 Plays

Rumble - No matter how much we would like it to be so, life is not a smooth ride. It is a bumpy joyride, with steep falls and tough climbs, which make the entire thing worth the while. Just like a heartbeat, life would be dull it everything went along a flat line. But this compilation of clips give a whole new meaning to the term “unexpected” and you will be crazy not to check it out!

They’ve got us on the edge of our seats! These are some of the most unexpected moments we’ve ever seen. Whether it’s a win or a fail, we can guarantee you didn’t see these coming!

Who would have thought that not only would the bottle of soda NOT go in the net on the other end of the field, but it will burst and fly up into the air like a sugar rocket? Crazy, right?

And how about that plastic garbage bag that has been dragged all the way to the dumpsters? Who would have even imagined that it could burst and send its load flying everywhere like it did? Not us, that’s for sure!

Those guys that threw buckets full of fire accelerant and set the mountain of firewood ablaze surely could have had no idea that the thing will burst into flames like a load of fireworks, now could they? Those kids got lucky!

What we really love about this compilation is that, on one side, there are instances where something ridiculous was being done and the result surprised everyone. On the other side, we have a rock climber whose hook came loose and he started falling into the abyss below him, only to have luck on his side. Don’t worry, the punch hook below made sure he doesn’t splat below.

On the top of the list, we have to put the guy who had no idea that the screens showing an underwater scene will eventually show a Great White shark hitting the glass at full speed. The look on the guy’s face is everything. Pure gold!

Credit: Various via Storyful