These Are The Twenty Most Popular Dog Names In 2017

TravelandLeisurePublished: December 7, 2017142 views
Published: December 7, 2017

As this year is coming to an end we can’t forget about the annual roundup of the most popular dog names! This is a data collected from hundreds of thousands of pet parents across all 50 states of the USA and show that this year dog owners drew inspiration from movies and TV shows, giving their pets very human names. Dug through this data to find the most common pet names across the country!

Any dog owner will agree that canines truly are man’s best friend. If you need an inspiration for naming your new best friend, here is a list of few name ideas. When it comes to the top ten female and male dog names, the results are pretty basic.

We start with Max, Maggie and Molly followed by Charlie and Cooper. We add Buddy and Sadie to the list. How do you feel about short names like Jack, Lola, Luna and Lucy? I personally like Rockie because it sounds strong and Daisy because it sounds fragile. However, I was a little bit surprised to find Oliver and Sophie on this list as I find them very human. Would you name your dog Bear or Bailey? This list also holds many names inspired by TV shows and movies, such as Duke, Tucker and Bella.

Well, at the end of the day, choosing your dog’s name is always a matter of personal choice and preferences.

Dog-owners often say that their pets are another beloved member of their family and like any other member of the family, they need to be given a well-fitting name. That is why owners often struggle with choosing a nice name that will truly honor their four-legged friend. This list is a great place to start when thinking about the best nickname for man’s best friend!

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