Homeless Man Joins Busker In Amazing Spontaneous Street Jam

NewsflarePublished: December 7, 201733,724 views
Published: December 7, 2017

An amazing video has emerged of a homeless man with a rather impressive voice joining a busker for a spontaneous rendition of George Gershwin's ‘Summertime' on the street.

Jonathan Walker was jamming in Leeds, Uk during a New Year's Eve when he was approached by a homeless man who asked if they could join in. Walker didn't know whether this man could sing or not, but he decided to let the homeless man join him.

The footage shows the busker playing while the homeless man called Bernard sings along.

The performer, Jonathan, has been a busker and musician for 15 years, and spends a lot of time playing music on the streets. He has previously seen homeless Bernard on the streets many times over the years, but had never heard him sing.

Watch how confident Bernard is when he takes the mic and starts singing Summertime. Both Jonathan and the crowd are amazed by his talent and cheer along. The old man clearly has a fine voice and passion for music. Luckily, there were passers-by who gathered up and filmed this enchanting encounter.

The musician is the director of the Keep Streets Live Campaign, a not for profit organisation which advocates for public spaces which are open to informal offerings of art and music and against the criminalisation of homelessness.

Footage captures the epic performance this homeless man presented while Walker strums along on the guitar. It is a very spectacular!

"My spontaneous street jam with Bernard Davey was a soul-affirming, enriching experience which summed up everything I love about street culture," wrote Walker on YouTube.

"I hope Bernard's amazing improvised version of 'Summertime' helps people to remember not to judge people they see on the streets according to their appearances, but to always look below the surface appearance and find the person underneath." finishes Walker.

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