Fans Throw Hundreds Of Toys Onto Pitch For Disabled Children

USATODAY_HumankindPublished: December 7, 2017375 views
Published: December 7, 2017

Belgian soccer fans showed their rivals what they are made of by throwing hundreds of toys onto the soccer field right before kick-off. This was one of the times when it is allowed to throw things onto the soccer field because the toys were collected for underprivileged kids ahead of Christmas.

Even though the match was tied, the game was overshadowed by the heartwarming generosity of these supporters. Watch as these fans in Belgium throw hundreds of cuddly toys onto the pitch for disabled children as early Christmas presents. This act of kindness sure deserves to be praised! Apparently, nothing unites football supporters more than doing something nice for sick children.

Passion can be considered a great characteristic in any person, but also has its limits.
Throughout sports history, fans have flooded stadiums with their passion and belief in their favorite team. Being a fan has its ups, like when your team beats a hated rival or wins the championship, and it has its downs, like when your team loses to a rival or loses a championship. This time we witness a different kind of passion presented by soccer fans!

A campaign was launched before the match, arranging supporters to bring their toys to the clash. Footage shows that the message was certainly delivered loud and clear as supporters from the home side covered their side of the pitch with stuffed toys.This was the one time when kick off was delayed due to members of staff collecting the huge pile of toys on top of the goal net and around the field. What a nice initiative!

These are some great people with good hearts who lovingly donated these cuddly toys to give to charity as Christmas presents for underprivileged children. What a wonderful gesture! Just imagine if every football club did something like this? What a great Christmas every deserving child would have?

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