Cat Attacks Letters To Check Them For Spam

Caters_NewsPublished: December 7, 2017785 views
Published: December 7, 2017

Usually dogs are the protective ones, but sometimes even cats can surprise. A postman can be a cat’s home’s enemy. Apparently, the mailman in this video is a "scary" one, so the cat needs to protect his owners and check all the letters and brochures he brings to his house.

Jerry the tabby is a seven-year-old cat that definitely is more defensive than a dog. Anything that is being sent through the door must pass through Jerry's paws and than be delivered to the owner.

This feline turns into “postman cat” whenever he hears the mail slot rattle.The second he hears any movement coming from it, he jumps out of his favorite spot by the windowsill and attacks it before it can touch the floor. After he checks it all and confirms that there is no threat, he happily leaves the post lying around. This means that his owner now has the permission to open the letters.

Jerry's owner, Vicky Cook, who has had him since he was an eight-week-old kitten, says that he watches intently for the postman from his windowsill spot every day. As soon as the cat sees the postman approaching from next door, Jerry jumps at the door and starts whacking the letters as they enter through the mail slot.

Vicky's father, West Midlands, said: "Jerry is very different to any other cat I know. At first I didn't think what he was doing was anything strange, but then my daughter spotted it one day and asked me what on earth he was doing. She was laughing so much and filmed him so my colleagues at work could enjoy it too. I have no idea where he got the behavior from. He's normally really quite lazy."

This routine of his has started about six months ago. Maybe he thought that attacking the mail and checking whether there is any spam is a useful way of spending his time.

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