Boy Is Excited To Receive Christmas Present Full Of Vegetables

Caters_NewsPublished: December 7, 20176,942 views
Published: December 7, 2017

A footage has emerged of a toddler getting too excited when unwrapping his Christmas presents. The parents of little Mason Reese came up with the idea of giving this adorable boy an early Christmas present knowing how excited Mason gets about the idea of receiving presents.

In fact, this little boy is excited about everything revolving around this holiday, so parents decided to set a little surprise and see how their son would react if he was to receive veggie presents!

Normally if a child is given vegetables for Christmas one would think they had been naughty, but not this adorable boy. Watch as he unwraps the presents and gets really excited after receiving broccoli, banana, cucumber and a toothbrush.

Footage shows the adorable moment when this boy begins removing tissue paper from a bag of gifts at his home in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, USA and cannot hide his enthusiasm when he uncovers the gifts.

Mason enjoys the art of opening and unwrapping any type of gift given to him. What an adorable little boy! As Mason starts unwrapping, he gets more and more excited. His first present happens to be a big head of broccoli. You wouldn’t think that a kid would be excited about receiving a vegetable, but this kid is ecstatic and even puts the broccoli in his mouth. Next, he pulls out a banana from the bag and gets even more excited.

Raising a kid to love healthy foods isn’t an easy task, so it is very nice to see such a young child grateful for everything he receives. His parents are definitely doing something right!

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