Man Solves 12-Sided Rubik’s Cube Underwater In Inebriated Breath

NewsflarePublished: December 7, 201798 views
Published: December 7, 2017

Solving a Rubik's cube is a proper challenge for those who want to measure their mind boundaries. Maybe for some of you solving this puzzle is a piece of cake, but try solving a 12-sided Rubik's style puzzle in less than two minutes… while sitting under water.

Anderson Kuey Wei Pin from the village of Padang Tengku in Malaysia decided to try his body and mind and set a camera in the pool to film him while solving a 12-sided Rubik's puzzle. He completed his task in just 1 minute and 29 seconds.

Anderson claims that this impressive footage shot on November 14 on which he resolves the puzzle is a living proof of him being the first person ever to have accomplished the challenge worldwide.

The puzzle in the video is known as a "Megaminx" and is in the shape of a dodecahedron. It has a total of 50 movable pieces to rearrange, compared to 20 pieces in a Rubik's cube.

At the beginning of the video clip he is scrambling the puzzle at the side of a pool before putting on swimming goggles and trying them underwater. He sets the camera under the water level and then the timer begins. The solver is holding his breath as his rapid fingers work at the colored pieces. When Anderson completes the task he gives the camera a thumbs up before re-emerging from the water for a well-deserved breath of fresh air.

"I’m the very first person to do this successfully throughout the whole world," said Anderson.

See the video below and try doing it on your own. Who knows? Maybe you will break this guy's record…

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