Little Boy Finds Santa's Footprints On Christmas Morning

StoryfulPublished: December 6, 2017305 views
Published: December 6, 2017

Christmas morning is the time when we all find out whether we have been naughty or nice this year. If Santa has brought us the gifts we asked for, then that means that we behaved well. This part of the year is probably the most significant for every child. Their lists of toys can be meters long!

Archie's Christmas morning was a once-in-a-lifetime event. Santa Claus had come to his house and brought him lots of presents. He is about to find that out in the most endearing way possible.

On Christmas morning, little Archie discovers something magical in his house. He wakes up early in the morning, dressed in his elf onesie, anxious to see what is waiting for him under the Christmas tree. Still sleepy and confused, he notices his daddy Mike calling him to go and check whether they have had visitors during the night.

When the lights turn on, and Archie sees the snowy footprints in the hallway, he can't contain his excitement for what he finds. As he and his parents walk through the house, he notices more and more evidence that Santa Claus visited them while they were asleep.

"Whose feet are these? – Santa's."

He goes straight to the Christmas tree to see what was left behind. A pile of presents is waiting for him there.

"It is all for me? – It is all for you. - I like it!"

Careful not to step in Santa's footprints, Archie goes out to check whether Rudolph has eaten his sugar cookies. Pure happiness and a huge smile on his little face. Mom and dad, sincere congratulations on your creativity.

Archie’s dad, Mike, 33, said: "We were amazed at how many nice comments were left on the video, both from people we know and from total strangers."

His mom added: "The comments were so lovely and sweet. "He was so wrapped up in the whole story of Santa and the magic of Christmas, and we thought it was extraordinary. "We are very proud parents."

It’s great to see how magical Christmas can be for children. It’s impressive to see how excited they get about Santa and the present. Christmas is a big deal for them, and it’s great to see parents like this still trying so hard for their children and their belief in Santa Claus.

In the end, it is the simple things that mean the most to them, some eaten cookies, some Santa footprints and some of the presents on their list. Children can teach us that the most simple things are life can be a significant impact on our lives and that the simplest gifts can have the most meaning.

This video shows that Christmas time can be exciting at any age, but it is the most beautiful time of the year when you're smaller than one of Santa's elves and still believe that Santa brought all of the gifts on the wish list and that they were really on Santa’s nice list.

Credit: Facebook/Mike Ralton via Storyful

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