Man Rescues Turtle After It Gets Caught in a Fishing Hook

StoryfulPublished: December 6, 2017
Published: December 6, 2017

Rob Merlino was fishing off Venice Pier in Florida on December 4 when he felt his rod move and thought he hooked a big fish – but it was a turtle instead. Austin Selby then dove in to help the turtle, as seen in this video, recorded by Jeffrey Hyde. The fishing line had become tangled around the turtle’s neck and one of its fins, according to reports. Hyde told reporters, “At one point, he reached in to get the hook out and the turtle really fast just nipped and just missed him…but that would’ve taken his hand right off.” After about 15 minutes Selby unhooked the turtle, saving it from being strangled by the fishing hook. Credit: Jeffrey Hyde via Storyful

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