Needy Horse Pulls In Caretaker To Give Her A Giant Hug

TripwirePublished: December 5, 2017Updated: December 6, 20171,617,688 views
Published: December 5, 2017Updated: December 6, 2017

This is the heartwarming moment when a needy horse shows affection to caretaker by demanding a giant hug. Phoenix is a three-year-old Friesian horse who loves to give and receive hugs and kisses. Footage shows the incredible bond this pet and his owner share!

Footage shows a horse and his caretaker standing in a stable and having a nice time. Moments later, Phoenix starts pulling the lady close to him, but she doesn’t know what it means. He demands love and affection by resting his head on woman’s shoulder several times in an attempt to share a huge and snuggle with the human. How adorable!

Watch as these two clutch heads and engage into one, big, sweet "hug"! The needy horse is desperately seeking affection from caretaker and isn’t afraid to show it! After chimpanzees, dogs and dolphins, horses are actually considered to be one of the most intelligent animals on the planet and they sure know how to give love and hugs. Sweet!

Reportedly, horses recognize different people and have an emotional bond with their caretakers. In addition, they recognize not only the look of their owners but the sound of them too. That type of intelligence is exactly why Phoenix is able to recognize his owner and pulls her in for a big hug, to show her love and affection! What a loving creature!

Of course, the first time Phoenix did this, his caretaker was baffled and wondered whether Phoenix was irritated or nervous! When he continued with this behavior, she realized that her needy horse actually wanted to come closer and give him a hug!

Apparently, this physical display of affection is common between horses and their humans with whom they share a close emotional bond. These two are the best of friends and they now hug all the time!

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    BenW · 41 weeks ago

    Great hug! Horses are beautiful creatures.