Are fish wet? Two men engage in hilarious debate

NewsflarePublished: December 5, 2017
Published: December 5, 2017

Hilarious video of friends answering one of life's great imponderables: are fish wet?

In the video, shot on August 14 in Brooklyn, New York, two men are locked in a hilarious argument over whether or not fish submerged in water are wet.

The first man, sat on a bed, calmly explains his theory: "It is not wet. Not until you take the fish out and expose it to air, now it is wet. But if you are surrounded by water, you are not wet."

"WATER IS WET!" shouts the other man taking part in the debate standing up and totally incredulous.

His friend sat on the bed counters: "Me as a human being, there's no water on me, I'm surrounded by air, I am dry. Once a bit of water touches me I am now wet.

He expands: "A fish in water, surrounded by water, is not wet. Once you take the fish out of the water and expose it to air, once the air touches it, it is now considered wet, because it has hit with the air.

"When something is completely submerged in water it is not wet."

But his friend can't believe what he's hearing.

"So you're telling me when a submarine is underwater, it's not wet?" he says while taking off his shirt. "You're basically saying it's dry. You wanna know why? Because wet and dry are opposites. ... You're saying a fish is dry. Everything has an opposite!"

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