Family terrified after mother elephant, calf come home for dinner

NewsflarePublished: December 5, 2017
Published: December 5, 2017

The family of a farmer was left terrified after they received unexpected nocturnal visitors: an elephant and her calf.

The CCTV cameras of the family caught the mother and calf strolling leisurely inside the spacious compound of their home for nearly 15 minutes looking for food.

The duo then stood patiently near the front door, which was locked from inside, for over a minute. They then left as quietly as they had arrived without creating a fuss.

The incident occurred at a village near Coimbatore, South India.

A local farmer Narasimmaraj had installed CCTV cameras after robbers had struck and snatched a golden chain from his mother right in front of his house.

On the night of 30 November as he locked the doors and checked the CCTV footage he spotted the elephant and the calf.

The anxious family kept a close watch on the movement of the nightly visitors.

“We were scared and prayed to god that they go away without hurting anyone,” said Narasimmaraj.

Their prayers were answered and the animals left the place without attempting to bring down the wooden door and reach out to the family on the side of it.

Villagers said the animals did not feel threatened as no one disturbed them.

Narasimmaraj said while the Coimbatore district had been witnessing growing incidents of human-elephant conflict, it was the first time the animals had paid a visit to his village.


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