Jack Russell Pup Teaches Little Girl How To Crawl

Caters_News Published December 5, 2017 414 Plays

Rumble Sometimes all you need is just a little help. It is not important who is giving it to you, the effort and time dedicated to you are the ones that count. Sometimes even dogs can teach you some new things and tricks.

Simba, the 11-year-old Jack Russell is helping his best friend, the 11-moth-old baby Danni to learn the art of crawling. This adorable pair seem to get along very well, as they have their own language that they use for communicating.

Mom Michelle Thornley was spending time with her two “babies”, the pooch Simba and the baby girl Danni. While they were playing together, she noticed the dog was teaching her little daughter how to crawl . The living room floor became their practicing ground. They were crawling along the floor, Simba leading the way, and Danny following him. She encourages her to mimic her movements and when Danni tries to stop practicing, Simba continually turns around to check up on her baby best friend.

“It melted my heart when Simba did this, as you can see she is waiting for Danni to catch up with her… She is a great little dog and has been brilliant with all three of my babies.” says Michelle.

“Simba continues to crawl now, as a sign of attention seeking and showing off – it is a regular occurrence for her.”

How can you not love a friend like Simba? Always there to support you.