'Soul sisters' who met at a hospital reunite a year later

NewsflarePublished: December 5, 2017
Published: December 5, 2017

Emotional footage of two friends being reunited after they met and bonded at a hospital a year earlier.

The video, captured on November 12 in Austin, Texas, shows seven-year-old Hanna discovering her friend Paige in a cardboard box in front of her parents' home.

As Paige comes out of the box, Hanna's belief can be read on her face.

Paige and Hanna met in a hospital where both were treated for severe conditions.

As the oldest patient, Paige was asked by the nurses to play with Hanna who was six at the time and "terribly scared" according to Paige's mother.

"From then on out, they were inseparable. They spent every moment they could together and went from calling each other best friends, to unbiological sisters," Paige's mother told Newsflare.

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