Bullmastiff Calls Bah Humbug On Christmas And His Owner's Singing

StoryfulPublished: December 4, 20175,281 views
Published: December 4, 2017

Meet Norman, the Bullmastiff canine who doesn't like Christmas and carols. So when owner Curt Kendall begins singing the 12 Days of Christmas, the grumpy dog tries to do anything to make him stop. Watch how annoyed Norman is as he throw a serious temper tantrum at his owner.

This hilarious footage shows Curt Kendall singing this Christmas carol in a high falsetto pinch voice as poor Norman attempts to silence owner’s voice by whining and barking. When the giant pooch realizes that his method doesn't work, he decides to muffle the awful sound by lying across his owner's face and trying to make him stop.

Poor Curt, part from being an owner of large canine breeds, he also enjoys singing Christmas carols in their company. Unfortunately for Curt, his buddy Norman does not approve of the caroling and becomes whiny and grumpy because he is obviously irritated by the high-pitch tunes coming out of Curt’s mouth.

It is hilarious to see how easily this giant canine gets annoyed by the sound of Christmas carol singing. Norman’s tantrum only makes Curt try harder at singing while the behavior of his bullmastiff is filling his throat and eyes with tears of laughter.

After all of his attempts have failed, and nothing seems to work, Norman uses his enormous body to cover and silence Curt’s mouth, face, body, from producing the awful sound. Norman seems to protect Curt from further embarrassment, at least that’s what he thinks he is doing! If that is not a man’s best friend, we don’t know what is! Hilarious!

Credit: YouTube/Norman via Storyful

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