Obese 24 stone woman cut free from house to visit hospital

NewsflarePublished: December 4, 2017
Published: December 4, 2017

A morbidly-obese 24 stone woman was rescued to be taken to hospital after becoming too big for her house.

Rattanaporn Polthep, 25, ballooned in weight two years ago after developing a sweet tooth - gorging every day on ice cream, chocolate and plates of mango and sticky rice.

In October she slipped and broke her leg - leaving her unable to walk and with painful bed sores on her back.

Her family contacted rescuers who spent a whole day freeing her. She was pictured holding a smoothie while receiving oxygen and carried to a waiting ambulance 800 metres away.

Rattanaporn said that family and friends supplied her with food. She was too big to get through doors at the slum house.

She said: ‘’Two years ago I started to get fat very quickly. I love eating sweet food. I cannot stop. I had an accident about two months ago and injured my legs. Before that I could walk normally, but after that I cannot walk. I am fat, I know. But I am a good person. Before this I was always helping people in the area. There are lots of fires here and I helped people when they had problems.''

Dr Thaweesak Phuriwetkhunakorn, a surgeon at the hospital, said: ‘’The patient will first have an x-ray to check on her ankle which she injured in a fall.

‘’She is currently suffering from high blood pressure and heart diseases. She will be checked for diabetes. There is no easy way to start a plan for her. It will be very difficult. Her weight needs to be controlled and she needs to change her habits and begin to have a diet.She cannot continue to eat so many sweet desserts.’'

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