The First Fart In Front Of Your Girlfriend Can Be A Real Surprise

StoryfulPublished: December 4, 2017137,941 views
Published: December 4, 2017

It is an interesting topic and a turning point in every relationship, the first fart. At which point in a relationship is it okay to start farting in front of your partner? For some it is the first day, while for others… Well, they claim they have never done it. However, it can be as life changing as getting a dog or meeting the family.

Jayson Cole from Dallas, Texas surprised us all by pulling out his phone to record on video his first fart in front of his girlfriend. It all happened while he and his girlfriend, Taylor, were on holiday in Cabo, San Lucas.

“Me and my girlfriend are pretty new (4 months dating) and I had had a few drinks that night. I decided It would be funny and record myself letting loose of the first fart” said Jayson.

When this guy decided to record himself farting in front of his girlfriend for the first time, he did not expect for his video to go viral. And her reaction?! It was priceless!

“Wow, we are just farting in front of each other right now” said Taylor, smiling and watching at her phone.

By the looks of it, these two have a bright future together. It is such a shame there is no smell-o-vision, but the aftermath could have been ugly, especially if it lingered.

Credit: Jayson Cole via Storyful

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