Man sprays hotel receptionist with extinguisher after dispute

NewsflarePublished: December 4, 20173,809 views
Published: December 4, 2017

CCTV footage of a man spraying a hotel receptionist with a fire extinguisher after he was refused to book a room without giving his name.

The video, captured in Xi'an City in northwestern China's Shaanxi Province on December 2, shows the receptionist covering her eyes as the disperses while the man shouts at her.

Then a security guard comes to try to calm down the man and the woman calls the police.

According to local media, the man called the hotel to book a room but didn't tell his name and only said he was a friend of the hotel's boss.

After the woman named Zhang asked his name again, the man started to swear her on phone. Thus Zhang hung up.

After several minutes, the man drove to the hotel and sprayed a fire extinguisher at the woman, while asking her why did she hang up the phone repeatedly.

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