Young Woman Shows The Right Way To Drink Water Without Messing Up Your Lipstick

NewsflarePublished: December 4, 201726,477 views
Published: December 4, 2017

There is only one thing women actually fear and it might be the worst fear of all when it comes to dressing up and going out to fancy parties, and that my dear ladies, is lipstick smudging. Lipstick on your cup, your spoon, your teeth, and you know well just how many times we've left red lips on someone's shoulder while hugging them. A lady cannot help if she is short! But it's no surprise that so many of us ladies struggle with keeping our lipstick on, even with all the "life hacks" we see on the internet (Never put lip gloss over Lipstick, never AGAIN!). We are always, ALWAYS trying to find solutions. Be it drinking with a straw or chucking food through your teeth, awkwardly turning your head away, or sadly, avoiding every action possible, none of those methods can amount to how the beautiful woman in the video gets the job done.

Let's say you planned to go out with a few friends for the afternoon. You probably spend about two hours fixing up your hair, an hour picking out your best dress, and another couple hours trying to figure out the best makeup look for your face. Like, it took a couple years because you just could not get that eyeliner right, but you go girl! You finally make your way out with the girls, but after a while, everyone gets a little hungry. Uh-oh, red flag, alert, alert! What about that makeup you spent so much time perfecting?

In a situation like that, you'd be fretting and getting anxious, maybe even suggesting everyone eat later or ending the day early. The upside to that is you won't have to ruin your look, but the downside is you'd be such a buzzkill and your time-consuming efforts would go to waste! You're probably already thinking, "there's no solution to this situation is there", but here's where you're wrong.

In the video, a small, young woman in a stylish pink kimono is in a similar situation. Sitting at a fast food restaurant located in Chaozhou City in the Guangdong Province, she can be seen enjoying her meal and then applying a coat of lipstick. Then she decides to have a drink of water from a clear bottle, a clear one! I bet you're clenching your teeth in suspense cause I sure was; how is she going to drink without her lipstick ruining her bottle?

Now, the savage plot-twisty reveal: she ain't got time for lipstick smudges, so she's gonna go all the way... literally! Soon after she pulls out her water bottle, it appears as though she might try to sip, but she immediately twists the entire cap off and envelopes her entire mouth around it without even batting an eyelash! Never in a million years would we have thought of something that genius, or embarrassing… We mean, would you? But then again, makeup is expensive and preserving it by any means necessary isn’t anything to be ashamed of! I don’t know about all of you ladies out there, but we are inspired by this woman and we will not be afraid of trying this next time I go out to eat, just for a few giggles.

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