Adrenaline Junkie Makes Stomachs-Churning Backflip Leap Off Cliff

Published December 4, 2017 125 Plays

Rumble This is the stomach-churning moment a daredevil skydiver threw away his parachute and jumped off a cliff proceeding to a backflip before opening the parachute and falling in the air below.

Fearless stuntman Jack took on the incredibly brave challenge. The death-defying stunt sees the daredevil jumping off a ledge and making a backflip mid air before launching his parachute in the dizzying altitude.

Footage shows an adrenaline junkie making a stomach-churning jump after he back-flipped from a mountain hundreds of feet in the air. Watch the adventurer standing on the edge of a cliff hundreds of feet into the air observing the nature and preparing for his deathly jump!

Moments later we see base jumper Jack proceeding into a backflip off of the cliff edge and into the unknown thin air, giving us the fright! Almost immediately, Jack can be seen releasing his parachute, causing anyone’s fear of heights to quickly disappear!

Jack’s friend Michael Racicot, 37, from Canada, filmed the footage and said that this was the first time that Jack had completed a base jump off of a cliff, so he was very very nervous. However, he seems so calm in the footage that nobody would have ever suspected that this man could possibly get cold feet!

His jump is simply amazing! The moment Jack hurled himself into the abyss off the edge of a cliff our heart stopped for a moment and waited for his parachute to open. Those were the longest two seconds! It is a long way down as well!