Russian Blue Cat Gleefully Jumps Through Puddles

StoryfulPublished: December 1, 2017Updated: December 2, 201727,203 views
Published: December 1, 2017Updated: December 2, 2017

This is Felix, a Russian Blue resident of Port Lincoln, Australia. Even though he is your typical feline, in this video you can see him doing something which is more characteristic of dogs, or even small children intent on exploring their surroundings.

Mark Thomas, the author of this video and the owner of Felix the cat, explains: ‘Cats are not normally known to be fond of swimming but our pet, Felix, thought it would be fun to splash around in muddy puddles after a heavy downpour.’

In the feline family, the big cats living in the wild are known to swim or bathe in lakes or rivers in order to escape the immense heat in hot climates. This might just be the reason why domestic cats are more into warmer room temperatures and are typically portrayed lazying around in sunbeams on the floor, or the window sill.

Historically, domestic cats were mostly protected from the elements in their breeding, and therefore many do not enjoy getting at all wet. This is something they did not regularly experience. They are cleaning themselves with their tongues, and being sprayed with sprinklers or taken on force to the bath tub is not something they hold dearly. They just prefer to stay .

Regardless of whether your feline friend likes water or not, there are cats, just like Felix who really do. If you happen to have one in your homes, please comment and send us your videos!

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