Caring Kitty Gives Food To Her Enemy's Pups

NewsflarePublished: December 1, 2017Updated: December 2, 201727,588 views
Published: December 1, 2017Updated: December 2, 2017

When it comes to their little ones, a mother is capable of making humongous sacrifices to make sure her babies are okay. This isn’t just the case with humans - there are so many cases of females from all sorts of species allowing someone else’s younglings into their lives. Whether it is for protection or food, a mother will always take care of a baby, even if it is of her worst enemy.

This cat has become a local celebrity after she was spotted giving milk to eight pups who were neglected by their mother. When it is feeding time, she lies down and the eight pups rush to get their belly-full of milk.

These are not just any pups, they are babies of a rival dog with whom she has spent a lifetime fighting, but that’s an enmity she doesn’t seem to want to carry forward to the next generation. The cat, Pinky, and the German Shepherd, Ruby, are owned by Mohan Naik of a village near Belthangady in South India.

The nearly two-year-old animals never got along and fight constantly with Ruby never missing an opportunity to give Pinky a hearty chase. In late October, both Pinky and Ruby became mothers at the same time. While Pinky gave birth to two kittens, Ruby outdid her with a litter of eight pups.

Mohan Naik says Ruby could not produce milk in sufficient quantity and was also reluctant to feed her babies. But that is alright, because animosity aside, this small feline mother was more than happy to feed Ruby’s babies, despite their size! Each one of these puppies is almost as big as Pinky, so when feeding time comes, they can even trample over her. But a mother doesn’t mind, because the babies are the priority.

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