Woman Slips While Crossing The Street And Narrowly Escapes An Incoming Truck

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Published: November 29, 2017

If you still doubt the existence of Lady Luck hovering over and protecting people in perilous situations, you should really sit down and watch this video. This is the incredible moment a woman narrowly escapes death after losing her balance and slipping under a speeding vehicle.

A video appeared on the Internet in which a woman can be seen getting nearly run over by a truck in China. This lucky lady narrowly escaped an incoming truck and miraculously fell right in between of the wheels, as the speeding vehicle hit the breaks. Hopefully she managed to get away from this dreadful predicament unscathed! Talk about luck!

We never know what might happen the next moment. Every move we make on the streets is a potential danger, especially during the fall, the time of the year when the streets are slippery.

In southern Chongqing, China, a woman was obviously rushing and trying to cross the street, when she noticed a speeding truck. In attempt to avoid the incoming vehicle, she slipped and fell down on the street. She nearly got ran over by the truck, as her whole body spun and at the moment her head was nearly under the wheels, but fortunately the driver of the vehicle was quick to act, and miraculously stopped at the right moment. Lucky for her!

As you watch this video for the first time, you say to yourself, oh, God, no! This can not be true! Luckily the driver somehow managed to hit the brakes on time and the woman was not injured severely. The truck driver and some passing-by citizens can be seen running to the lady in order to check on her and help her to get up from under the truck, worried that she might be badly injured. Hopefully this woman survived this close encounter with death, and we can only hope that next time she crosses the streets, she will remember not to rush and look around for traffic before crossing the street.

In the CCTV video, we can see the woman rushing to cross the street, but unexpectedly slipping and falling down under the speeding truck. In a matter of seconds, we see the woman fly off after she is grazed by the speeding truck, spinning like a record down on the street, narrowly escaping death like we only see in the movies. Talk about a close call with death!

A nonchalant pedestrian experienced an incredibly close call after a speeding truck drove past her knocking her on the ground in between the wheels. Fortunately, this lucky pedestrian survived the incident and seemed dazed and confused moments afterwards. Whose fault do you think this is? Both the driver should be fined for reckless driving and the pedestrian should be reprimanded for her absent-mindedness while crossing the street!

This heart-stopping footage shows a lucky woman inches away from being crushed to death when a speeding truck drives past her, knocking her on the ground. This may be the luckiest woman alive, having survived such close encounter with death! Incredible!

In the dash-cam video, we can see a nonchalant woman crossing the road where there’s no pedestrian crossing. There are no traffic lights in proximity, so cars are speeding, therefore it is logical for pedestrians to watch where they are going, in case of incoming traffic. However, in this video, we have the perfect example of both reckless driver behavior and ignorant pedestrian attitude. They should both be put to shame!


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