Adorable Baby Hears Mom's Voice For The First Time

NewsflarePublished: November 29, 201712,916 views
Published: November 29, 2017

Not every child gets to experience life the same way since birth. A lot of babies are born with certain disabilities that threaten to impede their way of life. However, we live in a day and age when technology can help these little humans get a taste of everything life has to offer. What a time to be alive!

Little boy Asher was born deaf. Thus far, he had not heard his mom’s, dad’s or his brothers’ voices. But after a quick procedure and a couple of Cochlear implants, Asher will finally be able to listen what Mom has to tell him.

On November 20, Mom and Dad took baby Asher, along with his two older brothers, to have Asher’s hearing aids activated. He was getting the gift of a lifetime. As soon as the two aids were turned on, Asher starts hearing sounds all around him and starts turning his little head every which way, as Mom is holding him. “Hi buddy” says Mom with excitement, with dad chiming in.

It's such a heartwarming moment when Asher turns his head as he looks to see where the noises are coming from. And once he realizes that his Mom and Dad are speaking to him, Asher shines the biggest smile we have ever seen. We know this moment was a long time coming for the entire family and it's obvious that everyone is full of emotion.

"He smiled from ear to ear when he first hears his daddy's voice. His big brothers came to witness the miracle, they were so happy. It was a beautiful moment for us as a family," the parents wrote online.

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