Even Cats Have Their Own Pet Peeves In The Office

AaronsAnimalsPublished: November 28, 2017Updated: December 1, 2017638 views
Published: November 28, 2017Updated: December 1, 2017

Everyone has their own vision of what a perfect day at work should look like. A pleasant environment, fun and down-to-earth people to work with, everyone’s taking care of their own stuff and a kind boss who takes care of his own is always a plus. But let’s face it - companies like those are so rare in this world, they should be on the endangered list!

We all have our pet peeves, something that we find so annoying, that it disturbs our living. More often than not, it is something we can’t change, so we end up living with it and complain about it later.

It would seem that even cats have their pet peeves at the office, according to Aaron Benitez. His Russian Blue cat Prince Michael and his buddies demonstrate what everyone of us finds to be utterly inappropriate at the workplace, yet happens everywhere, every day!

Annoying customers calling to complain about your product, when they have absolutely no idea what they are saying? Check!

Disturbing public displays of affection at work, for all to see? Also check.

Eating other people’s food from the fridge without even asking? Now that is the last straw!

Aaron's Animals is a web series created and directed by Los Angeles-based visual artist Aaron Benitez, documenting the life of Aaron with his animals. The main star of all of Aaron's shows is Prince Michael, his adopted Russian Blue cat. When he's not making silly videos with his animals, Aaron works as a Visual Effects Instructor at VFX Bro.

Aaron and Prince Michael rose to viral fame when Aaron was babysitting for his friend's rabbit and he posted a video of Michael getting jealous of the furry friend.

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