List Of Ten Adorable Dogs That Are Actually Very Good Boys

StoryfulPublished: November 28, 2017152 views
Published: November 28, 2017

This adorable compilation of good doggies was sure difficult to assemble. In order to make the cut, dogs had to meet a stringent list of criteria including but not limited to being cute, having a skill and an ability to perform under pressure. Enjoy this wonderful countdown!

Watch as these three dogs welcome the delivery guy, squeezing into a hug, trying to take the perfect picture. The guy is sitting on the pavement, trying to snap a picture with these obedient and hopefully photogenic dogs. It is adorable!

Next, we see a dog who is sitting patiently, waiting to have her nails done by her human. The pooch acts like she is in a real beauty salon. Also, she is switching paws because she doesn’t want to have uneven nails. Cute!

This adorable pooch just loves hearing his name. When the owner says “Michael” the canine raises his ears and is delighted to hear his name! Sweetness overload!

What about this tiny dog who is walking his horse pet. Taking your horse for a walk can be extremely difficult and fun at the same time. Horses can be stubborn at times, but this tiny pooch doesn’t seem to have any trouble walking his giant buddy! Cute!

Watch as this eco dog helps clean up the park by recycling empty bottles. Hilarious!
These good boys obediently wait for their dinner to be served. Over a dozen pups are waiting for the signal and as soon as they hear the sound, they rush head over hills to get to their treat! However, the other group of dogs patiently wait for their turn, one by one. Watch as these obedient canines are waiting for their turn. It really takes a lot of patience and discipline to obey this tough order!

The last but not least dog is performing CPR on his human. This pooch was trained and mastered this technique which will sure come handy in times of need, God forbids!

Credit: Various via Storyful

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