Turkey Goes on Fire and Nearly Ruins Thanksgiving Dinner

StoryfulPublished: November 28, 2017
Published: November 28, 2017

Thanksgiving was nearly ruined for Sarah and her family when their turkey went on fire on the barbecue. Luckily for Sarah, her uncle was there to save the day and the dinner. This is what the uploader told Storyful about what happened: "My uncle decided to put the turkey on a rotisserie on the barbecue and told my cousins and me sarcastically to watch it make sure it didn’t catch on fire. Fifteen minutes later, I saw smoke that I thought was steam and so I said “oh, I see steam!” and less than three seconds later, I saw flames and all of my cousins and I were shouting ‘Fire!’ and making siren noises until my uncle ran out and starting pulling the foil that was on fire off the bird and throwing it on the ground while all of us stood there screaming. He ended up getting second-degree burns, but the turkey was delicious." Credit: sarah_proff via Storyful

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