Cowboy rides into supermarket on his horse to buy beers

NewsflarePublished: November 28, 2017
Published: November 28, 2017

A Mexican cattle rancher sparks panic after riding his horse into a supermarket to buy a six-pack or beers.

The Stetson-wearing cowboy calmly walked his dapple grey stallion into the shop in Acapulco, Mexico, on November 25 night at 8 pm.

While the sun-burned rider found it funny, the shop’s staff weren’t as keen on their four-legged customer and began pushing him out.

The cowboy - who already seemed to have drunk plenty of liquor - asked the cashier to fetch beers for him.

With bemused customers watching, he collected his drinks and pulled back on the reins to guide the horse back out of the Oxxo shop in the Costera district.

The astonished filmer said: ‘’What happened was quite amazing, nothing I’ve seen before.

''It was like at 8 o'clock in the night in the shopping mall, and I went with my friends to buy something from the Oxxo shop.

''When we saw the cowboy come in, the truth is that it really surprised us, because this kind of thing is not often seen.

‘'Some people felt scared in case the horse bucked or kicked, but then the rider just went to buy a six-pack of beer. The staff helped him out, took the beers to him and then he left on his horse.''

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