Blind Man Stopped From Crossing Tracks Moments Before Train Arrives

StoryfulNews Published November 27, 2017 2,150 Plays

Rumble A blind man was stopped from crossing train tracks at Peoria Station in Aurora, Colorado, on November 9 just a train was approaching the station, minutes before getting smashed by the speeding locomotive.

The heart-stopping footage shows how the blind older man was just seconds away from walking in front of the oncoming train. The video shows the man carrying a briefcase and approaching the yellow line at a crossing, while waving his walking stick. He seems unaware that just moments away a train is about to pass into the light railway station at Peoria on Friday last week.

Security camera footage released by the Regional Transportation District (RTD) Transit Police shows a young man running to grab the older man’s arm and stop him from entering the pedestrian train track crossing moments before the train passed by.

The blind man, named by local station KUSA as Mike Wyatt, went back out to the station a few days later with a sign to try to find the <a href="" target="_blank">good Samaritan</a> and thank him, according to their report. He has taken to the same crossing with a sign which reads: "I'm looking for the young man who saved my life."

It is moments like this one that bring back our faith in humanity!

Credit: RTD Transit Police via Storyful