Mass Burial for Dozens of Victims of Airstrike Near Deir Ezzor

StoryfulNews Published November 27, 2017

Rumble The town of Al-Shaafa, located north of Al-Bukamal in Syria, held a mass funeral for over two dozen people killed in airstrikes on November 26. At least 25 people were killed in multiple airstrikes that hit the town, and local news reported the victims belonged to three families and represent most of the members of those families. Local news reports later said over 50 people had been killed. The Russian Ministry of Defense said Tu-22M3 long-range bombers carried out a “massive” airstrike in the Euphrates valley near Deir Ezzor. Syrian government news media said the Russian airstrikes hit near the town of Al-Ashara on the Euphrates. Credit: Facebook/The Official Al-Shaafa via Storyful