Bali's Mount Agung Erupts, Grounding Flights

TravelandLeisurePublished: November 27, 201743 views
Published: November 27, 2017

Ngurah Rah International Airport is virtually deserted after the eruption of Mount Agung grounded flights. Volcanic ash has reached the airspace of Ngurah Rai. The airport will remain closed until the situation is under control. Flights were canceled as ash spread from the volcano.

The volcanic alert level on the Indonesian island of Bali has been raised to the maximum level four, after the major eruption of Mount Agung. With the airport closed, tens of thousands of tourists are stranded on the island. Many more are due to travel to Bali over the next few weeks as the island is a popular travel destination.

As a result of the cancelled flights, nearly 8,000 travelers are stranded in Indonesia. Travelers should expect cancellations to continue while the Agung Volcano Observatory’s aviation color code remains red. Bali’s volcanic activity could easily continue for another month. Volcanologists believe that a more serious eruption is imminent.

In addition to ash and magma, authorities have warned that the volcano could trigger devastating mudflows. Communities close to the volcano are being moved, to try to avoid a repeat of the tragedy in 1963, as the last time Mount Agung erupted, around 1,600 islanders died.

Mount Agung in the east of the island. Magma, made up of molten rock as well as gases and fluids, has been moving up through the volcano. Plumes of steam and ash began to emerge from Mount Agung, reaching a mile into the sky. Now it appears that a full-scale eruption is imminent. Indonesia’s National Disaster Management Authority has raised the alert level to its highest, level four! If you are traveling to Bali, check the cancellations first!

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