Snake freed from manhole cover using cooking oil

Newsflare Published November 27, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble A hapless python had to be rescued with cooking oil after getting stuck head-first - in a man-hole cover.

The snake slithered through the tiny opening but became stuck half-way down - scaring residents by wiggling its tail in the air.

Rescue workers arrived and used a bottle of vegetable oil normally used for cooking to try and ease the reptile out but at first that was unsuccessful.

They then tried to smash the concrete cover without joy - before finally realising an hour later they could lift it up.

With the three-metre long python’s head in sight, more cooking oil was applied as staff twisted the snake's body to ease it back up through the hole.

It suddenly came free and reared up to strike a policeman but was quickly captured and placed in a canvas sack after the incident at 8am on November 10 in the Bang Lamung district of Chonburi province, Thailand.

The Sawang Boriboon Rescue Foundation said the ''operation was difficult’’ and the snake had be released safely back into the wild.

They said: ‘’This was an unusual situation but the snake was unharmed. Cooking oil was very useful as a lubricant to pull the snake back out.’'