Stray dog rescued after two weeks of head stuck in plastic jar

NewsflarePublished: November 27, 2017
Published: November 27, 2017

A stray dog was rescued two weeks after it got its head stuck in a plastic jar.

It lost weight and became weak but retained enough spunk to run for its life soon after it was rescued.

Ekamra, an animal welfare organisation, in Bhubaneswar, India, received a call on November 10 that a dog had been found in the Kaling Nagar area frantically moving around with its head inside a plastic jar. It had been last spotted at an abandoned house.

The volunteers of Ekamra went to the area and searched for the dog but failed to trace it.

The went back after telling the local residents to call them if they saw the dog again. As none called they assumed that it had been rescued.

On November 25, they received a tipoff that the dog had been sighted again with its head still inside the plastic jar. They went back and saw it in the abandoned house where it had taken refuge. As they wrenched its head out of the jar, the dog sprinted away.

Ekamra volunteers said it is difficult to explain how the dog survived for two weeks without food and water.

The organisation’s founder Purabi Patra recalled that she had earlier rescued a dog, which had got its head stuck inside a jar for eight days.
“We thought that dog’s breaths had formed water vapour on the jar and that it had survived by licking it. Something like that may have helped this dog as well,” she said.

The local residents said that the dog was healthy and even overweight before getting its head trapped and had lost weight significantly after that.

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